Wednesday, April 16, 2008

More Exciting than Cake?

What could be more exciting that chocolate birthday cake? Getting reconnected! I've been without an Internet connection since the big storm. Maybe it was a coincidence, but my Internet connection has not worked since that night. Thanks to hard work from Hubs, I'm back on line. Hurray. Many exciting events have occurred since I last blogged. I've been to swim meets, birthday parties, Volleyball victories and witnessed tween age mini dramas play out right before my eyes. It's good to be back.


glee said...

I love that picture! How many captions could you come up with for it???

I'm glad you are back online. Hope to hear more about life in the S household!

Suzio said...

I'm actually off line, again, the new modem we were sent, has a bad power supply and another modem is in the mail. Until then I'm having to go to my friends house who has graciously allowed me to hop on her Wi-Fi connection to check my mail. Hopefully, I'll be back online soon. :-)