Saturday, July 12, 2008

Where Dreams come True

After a long sabbatical, it's good to be back online and back home. As you can see we've had a summer vacation, and I might add, it was magnificent. We wound our way through the south, stopping at one of the nicest beaches I've ever been too (Destin, Fl), on our way to none other than the very place where "Dreams come true"...DISNEY WORLD. The destination of all summer vacation destinations.
I was surprised at how easy the drive went, compared to road trips with my family when I was a kid. Back in the olden days we didn't have CD players, Nintendo DS, and cell phones to keep us entertained and connected with our friends while we were away. My daughter was content in the backseat snuggled up with her pillow and cell phone, happily texting away with her friends about nothing in particular. The boys entertained themselves with movies and games and hubs and I spent our time going back and forth over which road to take...darn GPS created more controversy than an old fashioned map, but that's another story. What short cut to take and where the best restaurant was located all faded away, once we reached the Magic Kingdom.

Disney World


glee said...

What a wonderful vacation you must have had! I've been to WDW twice, but only as a chaperone with Ky's orchestra, so each time, I was taking care of 10 or more teens. Ahem. I really want to go back. Nothing compares to that place!

I'm glad you are back and I really enjoyed our visit the other day. Wish we could chat often!

Hol&J said...

The beaches were beautiful in Destin weren't they? J and I had been there June 16th. Actually we were about 20 miles away at Seagrove Beach and the town of Seaside.

Glad you all had a great time! I have not been to Disney World, but may one of these days. It looks like lots of fun.

Hope your week is going well.
xo - Hol