Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cleaning Up Popsicle drips

Is it me, or has this summer flown by? I seems like just yesterday we were eating Popsicles by the pool. Oh, I guess that was yesterday. I was just settling into a routine and all of a sudden it's time to hit the stores for school supplies! I'm not really the shopping type. I don't mind going alone, maybe with a Cafe Mocha in hand as I browse, but I have to have a list, a mission a purpose. I don't like to go shopping for the sake of shopping. School starts on Monday so I unavoidably had to head to the stores with the kids. Yes, I took the whole circus to shop for school clothes and supplies! We bought clothes, shoes, backpacks, lunch boxes, notebooks and other miscellaneous school supplies. My daughter likes to pick out her own clothes and most of the time we'll both like the same things. Every once in a while, what I thought looked darling on her, would make her eyes roll back in her head and she'd dash back into the dressing room as if I'd asked her to parade around in a clown costume. My youngest, the inventor, was yet another challenge. Everything bought for him had to be red. It sounds simple but nearly impossible to do. My oldest, and you'd think he would be a little help but he 's not (he has Down Syndrome & Autism), was busy picking things off of the shelves and adding them to the pile of clutter in the basket while my back was turned, causing me to have to go through every item at the checkout counter to make sure it was meant to be purchased. What's more incredible about his antics was that he was in a wheelchair. Yes, it seems he can reach any store shelf with ease, darn those wheelchair accessible engineers. This wheelchair has really been a lifesaver, it folds up and I can toss it into the back of the car. He likes it too, and he rides around in style, sipping on refreshments and snacking on what ever I've packed for him. After a long day shopping, he's the only one who's not dog tired. We got it for him, not because he couldn't walk, but because he could easily wander off from us in public while my back was turned. He also had this bad habit of sitting down where ever he was when he was tired of walking. That was fine when he was little, I'd just pick him up and carry him, but I can't manage 100+ pounds on my hip now. We are now officially ready for school to start. I am finished with the shopping and ready to move on to other intellectually stimulating activities, like cleaning the Popsicle drippings from the inside of my freezer. I hate leaving summer behind, it was really fun.


glee said...

Oh, how I would love to go with you on one of your shopping sprees! Here we head into our last year of school and I long for those days needing to go search for the one item on the supply list that simply doesn't exist, only to find out six stores later that it was a typo!

The wheel chair is a great idea!

I'll keep the kiddos (and you) in my prayers as they start school!

Suzio said...

glee - Your more than welcome to tag along next year, I assure you, you won't be bored! My prayers are with you and your family as you finish your last official year at home. God bless.

Hol&J said...

I can only imagine how much easier the wheelchair makes things. Especially if he likes it. Very cool!

Yes, Martha Stewart better watch out for you. :) I'll need to try adding some other cheeses to my mac & cheese next time around. Thanks for the tip.

(Oh, I looked up your Fostoria Heritage, and it's beautiful!)