Saturday, August 11, 2007

We're Hot!

It's just plain hot. It's so hot around here leaves are falling off of the one tree we have in the backyard. It's really crazy to have to rake leaves in the summer. That's a fall chore, not a summer chore. If I don't get the leaves picked up, they'll all end up in the pool. I've been so fed up with the leaf problem at our house (and so tired of raking them), that yesterday I went to battle against the leaves. I brought out the "big guns". I got out the leaf blower and blew all of the leaves in to a big, huge pile and then I mowed 'em down with the lawn mower. When I was done, there was nothing left but pulverized, mulched, specks of what used to be leaves. I dusted my hands off and put away the mower, I had won. I'm looking outside right now, and low and behold, its as if the tree is mocking me! There are more leaves out there this morning. I guess I should just be thankful for the shade, who cares if the yard looks like no one lives here. In honor of the triple digit temperatures today, I am decreeing no hot meals, just ice cream. Ya think the kids will go for that?


glee said...

So sorry about your dilemma! Is the tree dropping its leaves because it needs water? I know you are used to hot weather, so that seems odd to me. I'd hate for you to lose that big tree! Kim's parents had a pool in FL and got tired of fishing out leaves all the time. They enclosed it in a pool house before I was a part of their family. Of course, a pool in FL doesn't need a heater, so theirs had none! It was always SOOOOOO cold in that pool! It seems there's just no good solution!

Hang in there. Fall's a-comin!

Hol&J said...

I feel your pain. Our thermometer currently reads 101. I think it was mad earlier today, it read 108.

Our AC has been mad too. I had to shut it off for two hours earlier today, so it could reset itself after a sensor overheated. That's the "solution" right now.

We have an oak tree in our backyard with areas of brown leaves. We water the yard at dusk or later, so everything should be getting water before it evaporates. Our next door neighbor's tree is doing the same, but dropping leaves like your tree is.

I'd guess it's the heat and lack of rain TX has been experiencing. Hope that changes soon!