Sunday, October 7, 2007


A lot of people have weighed in on the war that we are in the midst of. Even as I sit here typing in the morning hours of the day, in the comfort of my own air conditioned home stocked full of clothes, food and plans for friends and fellowship in the next few hours, I realize that it is almost 9pm in Afghanistan. It's hot, humid, dusty and dangerous. I have just finished IM'ing my nephew who has sent these pictures home. He is stationed in Afghanistan. The people there cannot move about freely, with out fear of harm. The majority of the inhabitants of that land do not recognize Jesus and his saving grace, and they have been thrown headlong in to a battle for their land, between the Taliban/Al Quaida and it's bondage and US, who we perceive as being the good guys. It's hard to keep that perception of being the good guys, when we do bad things (I'm thinking of the horrible prison incident in Iraq). I wonder often if the people of Afghanistan and Iraq know that the average American on the street really does not wish bad things for their country and their people. The average American, I believe, just wants to live in peace. So we send our family and friends to war, to hopefully help the people of Afghanistan and Iraq. We are at war to protect our own safety, as well as the hope of helping people we do not know or understand, but we wish for them to live as freely and comfortably as we do, and we hope that they will come to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

We should all take inventory of the comforts around us and then give thanks for all that God has given us. Pray for the safety of all those who have gone to war for our country, that they will make us proud and that God will protect them and bring them home soon.

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