Thursday, October 25, 2007

Please don't pet the pumpkin

A chill is in the air, at least in the mornings and it dosen't hit 80 until noon, so it must be fall. Time for pumpkin carving, and stocking up on our favorite Halloween candy. Tonight was the Cub Scout pumpking carving contest and I present to you the 1st place winner in the "Funniest Pumpkin" Category... The Carnivorous Girl Scout eating Pumpkin.

Ladies and Gentlemen please do not pet the pumpkin.


Hol&J said...

It has been rather cool here as well, although I don't think we're hitting 80. Maybe in the mid 70's, but I'm enjoying it.

Cute pumpkin! Did A make it or did someone else? J and I need to get our pumpkins so we can carve them this weekend.

Hol&J said...

I meant to say thank you for your compliment about my Halloween card. :)

Suzio said...

S made it with the help of A and her Barbie.