Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Good Books and Disgusting Cookies

Have you ever felt like things were careening out of control? Maybe you're like me, I've got too many irons on the fire. That's when I know it's time to sit down with a book and read, ignoring all that swirls around me. I can pick up a good book and hours will fly by. Before I know it, either schools out and I'm late to pick up the kids, or I've burned the dinner, so I've learned to put a timer near by. I definitely don't have ADD, because I can become so absorbed in what I'm doing, especially reading, that I am hopelessly unaware of my surroundings. I don't usually read fiction, but recently I have picked up a few good Christian Fiction books that have gotten me totally hooked on the stuff. Here are my Highly Recommend Christian Fictions each one is the first book in a series:
I recommend reading each series, I've read them all and have thoroughly enjoyed each one.
On another note, I went to my child's school to eat lunch with him today and a friend of his, sitting nearby, decided to tear into his dessert first (wouldn't you if your mom wasn't around). He eagerly picked up his baggy of cookies and began to inspect a particularly delicious looking one. After a few seconds of cookie inspection he burst out in disgust, "Is that a raisin!". He must have felt like his mother had played a trick on him, trying to pass off a yucky raisin cookie for what he though was a delicious chocolate chip cookie. I actually thought the raisin cookie looked lip smackin' good, but that little boy just cast it aside. It got me to thinking about my own contentment with what God has given me. How many times have I casually cast aside his blessings, by not being thankful for what I've been given. Have I forgotten to be thankful for the many irons I do have in the fire, or for that matter, that I have a fire!

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