Thursday, September 6, 2007

Molar Mystery

My oldest came home today with someone else's ice pack, and a tooth in his lunch box. I didn't know that he had a loose tooth, he never mentioned it. Not that he would... mind you, he dosen't chat alot. But then again, most kids with Down Syndrome & Autism don't have normal chatty conversations, especially in Junior High. So I held out the tooth, and I said to him "Is this your tooth?", and he said "tooth". I know, not alot of information, but that's how it is...usually one or two words and he finished with his part of the discussion. So of course I did what any mother would do, I said "open your mouth, let me see if this is your tooth?", and he then gave me an emphatic "NO!" and he was off. End of conversation, he would have none of my prying into his business, or his mouth. I began to suspect that it could be somebody elses tooth, so I dropped it and quickly washed my hands. It's one thing to hold your own kids tooth in the palm of your hand, and quite another to hold a strangers tooth. After closer inspection of the tooth, it appeared that it was not brushed regularly and I know that I've been overseeing the brushing of my little darlings teeth and they are pearly white, so I am beginning to suspect that this indeed is someone elses tooth. It would have been really nice if the teacher had sent me a note home saying "Junior lost his tooth today at lunch and we put it in his lunch box", but that would have been too easy. My plan of action now, is to sneak into his room tonight after he is sound asleep, pry open his mouth and shine my halogen flashlight down his little throat so that I can count his teeth and look for the proof that this is or is not his tooth. Wish me luck and tune in tomorrow to find out the answer to this riveting mystery! Good night.


glee said...

Oh, I can just see that happening! Wouldn't you love to have seen what happened? Or maybe not!

I can't imagine what would have kept a teacher from seeing something as obvious as a missing tooth, unless J found it on the ground or someone gave it to him.

He's blessed to have a mom who checks these things out AND takes care that his teeth are in good shape. You and K are great parents!

Suzio said...

You know, you're right, sometimes I just don't want to know what's going on! Ignorance is bliss.