Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I Said It's Too Dangerous

What is it about kids, when you tell them something is dangerous, it makes them want to do it that much more? Our trampoline is in disrepair. The safety net that enclosed the trampoline got torn in several places (because our wild kids and their friends would throw themselves at the safety net and bounce off again), so we took it off. The bumper pads that cover the springs, have come to pieces in spots and it needs to be replaced. I mentioned this to my husband, the fact that we needed to get a new safety net and bumper pads, because the kids hadn't jumped on the trampoline in months. Well wouldn't you know, they all heard me complain about how dangerous it was to have this thing on the hard concrete in our back yard, so they just had to all pile on it, husband included.

One of their favorite trampoline games is "crack the egg", and the 2nd favorite one is "flip the bacon". I won't tell you the rules, but you can imagine how safe those games are in this trampoline. When the yard apes finish off this trampoline, I guess we'll get another one. Until then, I'll just keep the video camera close by and maybe you'll see us on " America's Funniest Home Video's".


glee said...

All of your kids look like they are having fun. Trampolines look very dangerous to me, but I love them, too.

Until you get that safety net back up, be sure to say your prayers!

Hol&J said...

Trampolines are fun, although in high school I almost fell off of a friend's when they double bounced me. (I might have enjoyed it more, if they had netting and padded posts.)

At ACU I was in the "Flying Cats". (Gymnastics - mostly for fun and doing little shows.) We used the tramp to learn and practice tricks. We also had spotters for some of the more difficult stunts.

I do like trampolines, but don't know if that will change when I have kids. Glad J, A & S can enjoy yours.

PJ said...

Yep. Just talk about getting rid of it -- it's a sure thing. They'll all use it again!! Hope to see you AFV with NO broken bones!!! :)

Linda said...

Oh dear, you and your husband are brave, very brave! Looks like so much fun, though.